Getting Started


Intake assessments are by appointment only. Parents/carers can contact the Harmony House Centre that they would like to attend and make a booking for an intake session.

Parents and carers when attending an intake session must bring their Court Orders or agreements, photo identification, driver’s license, Medicare Card and any Domestic Violence Orders if they have them.

Once both parties have completed the intake process, and have been accepted into our program, dates and times can be discussed, and bookings for our services will commence.

Who is Eligible?

The following criteria are applied to assessing eligibility for our services:

  • Both parents or carers must be committed to our programs which are designed to facilitate positive relationships with the non-residential parent or carer. In particular, parents or carers must not denigrate or speak disrespectfully of the other parent, in the presence of the children;
  • The non-residential parent or carer must be able to adequately parent the children during a supervised visit; and,
  • The safety and security of children, parents and carers, and staff is paramount. Any abusive or violent behavior or any form of intoxication will not be tolerated.

Service Exclusion

Exclusion from our program occurs if a parent or carer has a history of violent or criminal offences in the past twelve (12) months or a history of offences against children including pending charges or convictions.


Acceptance into our program is dependent upon both parents or carers completing an intake assessment which includes a binding service agreement for the duration of our service provision.